Services For Buyers

Before We Start Looking at Homes I will….

  • Explain the details of the Purchase Agreement and give you a copy for your review
  • Estimate in writing, the expenses you will incur so there will not be any surprises at the time of closing.
  • Explain all the various financing options, fixed mortgages vs. adjustable and 15 year vs. 30 year mortgages.
  • Discuss and explain the Multiple Listing System
  • Arrange an appointment with a mortgage representative to pre-qualify and determine the amount of mortgage you can obtain.
  • Discuss architectural style, location, schools and special features that you desire.

After the Sale and Prior to closing I will…

  • Assist in obtaining a homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Coordinate possession details and final utility readings.
  • When appropriate, meet the appraiser at the property and present any market data required.
  • Help you arrange for any necessary inspections of the property in order to evaluate the major elements of the home and review the report with you.
  • Assist you in determining the appropriate financing and help you select the best financial institutions to obtain your mortgage.
  • Inform you of the amount your cashier’s check will need to be at the time of closing. Most banks require ten days for any deposit to clear before they will issue a cashier’s check. Reminder – banks close at 2:30 p.m. and they will not issue a cashier’s check at drive-up windows.
  • Assist you in obtaining a Power of Attorney if needed.

At the closing I will…

  • Discuss proceeds and closing statements with you.
  • Attend the closing and answer all questions.
  • Coordinate possession of property.
  • Maintain a file of closing papers.
  • Explain pay-off
  • Arrange for payment of expenses from closing proceeds.
  • Coordinate the transfer of utilities and keys.

Relocation Services

The Tucker Company Relocation Co. is Leading RE – a good quality driven relocation network. The Tucker Company through Leading RE and other sources receives more buyer referrals than any other real estate company in Indiana.