Tucker Home Services

  • Tucker Home Services is a free lifetime service offered in Indiana only by The F. C. Tucker Company.
  • Tucker Home Services provides you with a live Personal Service Coordinator who will not only direct your moving event, but will assist you with your home services and products for a lifetime.
  • Tucker Home Services arranges, supplies, locates, coordinates, schedules and finds-just for you.
  • Tucker Home Services…. a lifetime service with lifetime benefits and all for free.
  • Tucker Home Services takes the guesswork out of finding good companies to work at your home.
  • Tucker Home Services service providers have “measured accountability,” providing the highest level of service.

When you work with an F. C. Tucker sales associate, your free membership begins…

  • You will receive a call from a Personal Service Coordinator (PSC) who is a highly trained service expert assigned to assist you before, during and after your move, for the lifetime of ownership…so you can enjoy life!
  • Your PSC will help you organize, coordinate and schedule service providers, vendors, and products, working directly with you to coordinate your home ownership needs.
  • Your Tucker Home Services PSC provides a lifetime service with lifetime benefits and all for free, because you’ve chosen an F. C. Tucker Sales Associate.

A sampling of benefits provided by your Personal Service Coordinator

  • Arranges utility connections/disconnections
  • Home warranty information
  • Arranges handyman services
  • Access to product savings
  • Locates electricians
  • Locates plumbers
  • Arranges appliance installation
  • Arranges pet fencing installation
  • Schedules a moving van
  • Supplies financing services
  • Supplies school information
  • Supplies furniture restorers

Tucker Home Services’s goal is to accommodate everyone’s needs no matter how unusual the need.
We want you to be a customer for life.

Call me to find out how you can become a Tucker Home Services Member.